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A Rose Bowl brawl before last Saturday’s annual UCLA – USC football matchup led to 2 hospitalizations and several arrests.  On Thursday, Anthony Richard Cisneros (22) pled ‘not guilty’ to attempted murder.  The two victims are Pasadena resident, Vimal Patel (24), who suffered 8 stab wounds in the back, and Simi Valley resident, Joshua Dirling (27), who received a stab wound in the cheek.  Cisneros’ two siblings, Arthur (25) and Akira (24) also pled ‘not guilty’ to assault charges. According to the District Attorney’s office, Anthony could face a maximum of life in prison with parole, while Arthur and Akira can be sentenced up to four years.  The father of the three suspects, Arturo (44), was also arrested Sunday on suspicion of attempted murder in the stabbings, but was released Tuesday while detectives continued their investigation.  Two other men were charged with resisting arrest.  Stay tuned . . .