ANS’ The Beginning of the End: Just Say “Yes” To Drugs

The following continues my summary of preliminary hearing testimony in the criminal case against Howard K. Stern and two doctors.  See more details here \”Three Ring Circus\”.

Next to take the witness stand was Ms. Jennifer Doss, a special agent with the California Department of Justice, Pharmaceutical Task Force.  She presented evidence that pseudonyms, coupled with a variety of doctors, pharmacies and associates, including Howard K. Stern (“HKS”), were utilized to procure prescriptions for Anna Nicole Smith (“ANS”).  She further corroborated her testimony with Homeland Security Agent Kenneth Krause’s report which documents multiple trips taken by defendants HKS and Eroshevich from California to the Bahamas. Special Agent Doss successfully tied in the transport of certain pharmaceuticals as well, including Demerol, Dalmane, Lorazepam and methadone – empty bottles of some of these drugs were later found in Eroshevich’s home.

During cross-examination, HKS lawyer Steve Sadow attempted to show some of these medications were meant to treat HKS’ back problems – stemming from Botox injections.  Seriously?  Demerol for a back injection?  Is it possible HKS got botox in his back solely to get drugs for ANS-is it possible he attempted to defraud the doctor?  Hmmm…I wonder.

Expert witness, Dr. Timothy Botello testified both via live testimony and through evidence submitted in a report commissioned by the California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement as follows:  there are at least five instances between 2003 and ANS’ death in 2007, where Eroshevich over-prescribed Valium, Vicodin and other drugs. This abundance of medication represented what he described as an “extreme departure” from the normal standard of care, and that [Eroshevich] knew or should have known [ANS] had an addiction problem.”

Dr. Botello also presented a stark piece of evidence dating back to 2006 when ANS was pregnant with Danielynn: Eroshevich prescribed 3 different sedatives to be taken at overlapping intervals, despite the fact that ANS was admitted to both the Betty Ford Rehab Center and Cedar Sinai for addiction.  Botello testified that defendant Eroshevich should have prudently administered the “lowest amount of drugs” possible, and only after consulting with a pain management team.  He found no “legitimate medical purpose for prescribing all three [sedatives] throughout the day.”

Judge Perry stated prosecutors have “put on a rather compelling case of excessive prescribing” by Eroshevich.  Compelling is a pretty strong word for the Judge to use, and it suggests that this case will indeed go to trial as I suspected from the beginning.  Next up is a computer forensics expert.  This is getting exciting…Stay tuned while I continue to nourish my guilty pleasure of tracking this three ring circus case!

Lady Justice is consulting with a sword sharpening expert and could not be reached for comment.

6 thoughts on “ANS’ The Beginning of the End: Just Say “Yes” To Drugs

  1. Why did it take sooooo long to finally bring HKS and the doctors to the rug to answer for their misdeeds? I find myself wondering what the consequences of drugging Anna Nicole to death? Less than 5 years? It is time for the legal system to put a stop to the over-prescribing of drugs to stars under false names. If it is not prosecuted to the fullest then we will all have to wonder who will be the next talent that will die from a drug overdose and the next and the next…

  2. this whole macabre situation borders on insanity….the sickening part is
    this is all about money…nothing else…money…plain and simple….

  3. Yes, money & greed for money by HKS and Eroshevish – Lady Justice, I ask you to cut off their heads, – take away their professional licenses. Do we need these predators out there taking advantage of people with diminished capacity? NO!

  4. I agree with Charlie in that usually anything involving ANS was about money- but at this point, something more can come of this. this case can put members of celebrity entourages on notice that the practice of “never saying no” to their celeb buddy can have legal consequences- especially when it comes to supplying them with perscription drugs. it’s time for the justice system to say that it will not tollerate any more Michael Jacksons, ANS or Heath Ledgers.

  5. Thank goodness for some real news. I think there will be a trial too. They all knew she was an addict. Stern made sure she stayed that way.

  6. I don’t think it’s fair to paint Anna as the hapless victim in this sordid affair (although I certainly think she was hapless (among other things))–she was a grown woman who should have taken responsibility of her own health and well-being. Having said that, it seems like none of the people with whom she surrounded herself and who claimed to love her had the integrity to say said anything but yes–even when that meant putting life and her health in danger. It seems like they all cared more about their own 5 minutes than they did about her. It speaks volumes about the way we treat celebrities (and pseudo-celebrities) in this country.

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