Celebrity Justice? Dismissal In Anna Nicole Smith Case Insults America’s Jury System

In response to the surprising outcome of the Anna Nicole Smith criminal trial, I was featured on the radio talk show KFWB in LA discussing Judge Perry’s decision to throw out the conviction of Smith’s former lover and lawyer, Howard K. Stern.  Please go to the “News & Appearances” section of my blog to listen the clip.  I was also featured on “Big Hollywood”with my opinion editorial piece on celebrity justice and America’s jury system.  Perry’s shocking decision to overturn a jury of Stern’s peers is extremely disrespectful to the entire jury system.  This was not a bench trial and those twelve men and women spent weeks agonizing over details to reach their decision.  Additionally, Perry’s actions today are inconsistent with his own rulings throughout the trial – there were several attempts to have the conspiracy charges dismissed and he did not do that.  Stay tuned for the latest!

Defendant Conrad Murray: Preliminary Hearing, Day 3

The third day of Dr. Conrad Murray’s preliminary hearing involved the testimony of two paramedics, as well as scrutiny of Murray’s phone activities the day of Michael Jackson’s death.  Paramedics Martin Blount and Michael Senneff testified that Jackson had been dead several minutes by the time they arrived at his mansion.  Complicating matters further were the throngs of fans and paparazzi crowding the vicinity, making it nearly impossible for the ambulance driver to make his way to the hospital.  Blount and Senneff agreed that Murray was not forthright about the medications given to Jackson prior to their arrival.  In other testimony, two phone company representatives reported how in the hours before and after Jackson’s death, Murray texted and phoned a number of people, but failed to dial 911.  Stay tuned…