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College basketball fans, you will no doubt sense a void during this year’s March Madness Stephen Curry, the outstanding guard for Davidson College in Charlotte, NC, will not be making his 3rd appearance in the NCAA-based tournament. Anxiously viewing the televised selection show Monday from his apartment with 6 other teammates, Curry stated he was not surprised Davidson missed the cut. Even with the wunderkind’s assistance, Davidson’s 2008-09 team performance was not enough to propel them to the NCAA sweet sixteen. They squeaked by with a 6th seed in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) and a first-round win against South Carolina Tuesday night. Curry’s 32 points accounted for almost half of the Wildcats’ output, whose opponent for round two this coming Monday is St Mary’s. Curry’s 3 seasons with Davidson have been nothing short of remarkable. The son of 16 year NBA veteran Dell Curry, Stephen averaged 21.5 points his freshman year and ranked second in the nation in scoring. The following year, he boosted his scoring average to 25.5 and rounded out his gameplay with a season average of 4.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists. He propelled Davidson to a coveted Final Four spot, losing only by 2 points to buy dapoxetine sweden