Birkhead Launches Auction For “Million Dollar Baby”

This week Larry Birkhead announced that he will auction off the possessions of the late star Anna Nicole Smith in an attempt to better provide for his daughter. Today Birkhead has been making the media rounds with Dannielynn in an attempt to publicize the auction and plead his case. This morning the duo appeared on the TODAY show and MSNBC.

The auction’s announcement comes just days after the 9th Circuit rejected an appeal over Anna Nicole Smith’s estate. In March, the 9th Circuit ruled that Marshall provided for Smith during his life and Smith had no claims to her late husband’s estate, thus granting the contested fortune to J. Howard Marshall II’s heirs.

After over 15 years of litigation, this case has done little more than rack up legal fees for Dannielynn. As the sole heir of her mother’s estate, further appeals merely make Dannielynn liable for a battle that should not even involve her. Dannielynn inherited her only connection to the Marshall family in a legal battle she never chose to fight.

Birkhead insists he just wants a normal life for his little girl yet he continues to flaunt her to the press. The best thing for Dannielynn’s future would be to drop the case and remove her from the public eye.

The 9th circuit was correct in their decision and made it clear this was the end of the road for Smith and her team of lawyers. Any attempts to further appeal the case would be a waste of time and money.

9 thoughts on “Birkhead Launches Auction For “Million Dollar Baby”

  1. Children inherit their parents’ legal battles?!? That seems unfair. As for LB, he will probably be ‘pimping’ out his daughter for years to come, unfortunately.

  2. I do agree with j-me….i feel that this
    is just another “stunt” to “pimp” his
    daughter to gather whatever assets he
    can sell…Will he be there for danielynn when she is 14 or 16? somehow, I highly doubt it.

  3. I’m very confused about how he’s able to sell off Anna’s possessions when the estate hasn’t been closed? Could someone please enlighten me? Thanks

  4. Looks like Larry had been going through the items for months, that makes sense if they are ready to sell now.
    Your articles are always so biased against Larry or Howard. Do you get your material from Anna’s estranged mom’s camp?
    Who in their right mind would pay for storage or keep all of items for years? Larry said he will keep the photos, diaries and special items for her.
    It is nobody’s business if he sells them. The items belong to the baby, he is the guardian of his child, with the estates approval they can be sold.
    The estate is closed it has been a year. All creditors have been paid or a promise to be paid from the sale of the items, the rest will go to Anna’s daughter.
    There are a few supporters of Anna’s mom who thinks she should be in charge LOL LOL LOL — that will never happen, the estranged grandma never had a legal say in anything after not being close to her biological daughter for over ten years.

    1. The probate of the estate in CA is not closed.

      The next hearing date is set for 06/09/2010

      Here is what it shows on the LA county Superior Court website for the probate case:

      Case Number: BP104575

      Future Hearings
      06/09/2010 at 08:30 am in department 5 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

      If you look up the California Probate Code 12200 (P.C. 12200) it shows:

      California Probate Code Sections 12200-12206

      So it is not closed yet.

      Also have the creditors been paid yet? It doesn’t look like it.


  5. Larry Birkhead is a paparazzi, so of course he will sell pictures and possessions for the highest dollar.
    At least Howard Stern won’t get it.
    Will Daddy Larry put the money in a special account to turn over to Dannielynn when she becomes an adult ???

    1. Do you really think Howie doesn’t have his hands in this? He will participate in any proceeds as will Larry. Little Dannielynn is the big loser. If Larry is allowed to proceed diminishing the estate, then ALL the creditors will lose more than they stand to lose already. Where are the millions Anna had in the Bahamas? Where are the jewelry, and furniture, and clothes left there? Where is the boat purchased with Anna’s money? What happened to the pink house she purchased in the Bahamas? The probate court NEEDS to be looking into this. I wonder if the court even knows Larry is auctioning off the estate?

  6. The very gifts that Larry is auctioning off are the ways in which J. Howard Marshall intended to provide for Anna. He documented the fact that he wished to provide for her during his lifetime through the AMPLE gifts he gave her (cars, jewelry, real estate etc.). The Courts and notably the 9th Circuit seem to have finally come around to this realization and have quashed Anna’s estate’s 15 year claim against the Marshall estate. I hope that Larry realizes success from his plan to milk Dannielynn for this auction and he sees that this is probably the last big gain he’s going to see from Anna’s legacy.

  7. I guess I don’t necessarily have a problem with Birkhead auctioning Smith’s things. But it’d be easier to stomach if he got a job that didn’t include exploiting his daughter. And wasn’t on the heels of the 9th throwing out his latest appeal against the Marshall estate.

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