Brown v. Sadow, Round 2

In response to Steve Sadow’s assertion that California Attorney General Jerry Brown is politically motivated by his witchhunt of Sadow’s client Howard K. Stern, Brown is standing his ground. On Thursday, Brown flippantly retorted “Mr. Sadow prefers media pronouncements to trial preparation” and reiterated his claim that cooperating agencies have done their due diligence investigating Stern’s nefarious connection to Anna Nicole Smith’s demise.

Sadow claims Stern will not enter a plea at his May 13th arraignment because of his purported innocence. Then why not enter a NOT GUILTY plea instead of continuing the case again. Clearly because buying time and stalling, wasting our tax dollars is the motivation.

2 thoughts on “Brown v. Sadow, Round 2

  1. Stern has a choice of three pleas:
    NOT GUILTY, or
    Yes, this must be a ploy to stall and frustrate the justice system.

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