Proactively Prescribing A Death

Anna Nicole Smith’s death was linked to a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs, but can she alone be responsible for her untimely passing? The more we examine this case, the more it appears those entrusted with her care were actually eschewing that important role. We are not implying HKS and the two doctors implicated in the case had murderous intentions, but simply hypothesizing that she could be alive today had those parties not enabled her. Take, for instance, the two abscesses on both her buttocks and the back of one thigh, concurrent with regular injections of (possibly) chloral hydrate, a sleep aid listed on her toxicology report. Smith’s liver and kidneys were enlarged and congested, most likely due to enormous amounts of prescription drugs. Soon after the death of her son Daniel in September 2006, Smith enlisted the services of psychiatrist, Dr. Kristine Eroshevich, who obtained a list of 6 drugs. All 6 of these were known to be addictive; the most surprising was Prexige (an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) banned by the FDA (but approved in the EU) because of high incidents of ….enlarged and congested livers. According to Attorney General Jerry Brown, Smith was at the point of “stupefaction” with Read More …

Force de Frappe

Sacrebleu! France has again fallen out of favor with America’s leadership. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is irritated by what he perceives to be the “herd mentality” of many world nations’ media outlets praising President Obama. His comments about Obama’s lack of experience, ambivalence and inefficiency on a myriad of issues have resonated through a commentator close to the Elysée Palace. Sarcozy did not limit his criticism; other salvos denigrated José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (Spain’s Prime Minister). French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner brushed off Sarcozy’s attack against Zapatero in an attempt to reaffirm France’s “excellent” relations with Spain.