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Not surprisingly, the triumvirate of HKS, Eroshevich and Kapoor entered not guilty pleas today to 23 drug-related felony counts of drug conspiracy.  Eroshevich and Kapoor won a small victory when Superior Judge David Wesley denied an attempt to revoke their medical licenses since Deputy Attorney General E.A. Jones III and a California state medical board delayed seeking action for over a year.  Even though AG Jones felt it was imminently dangerous to the public for the doctors to  continue practicing, he and the board refused to act sooner to determine whether testimony from the preliminary hearing warrants the case going to trial.  Before the closing gavel sounded, Judge Wesley set a December 18th pretrial motion hearing and a tentative trial date of February 5, 2010. Eroshevich’s attorney stated there was “simply no basis to prevent her from practicing medicine at this point. [This case] is related to a single patient, and on its face, it’s laughable [Eroshevich] would [be deemed] an imminent threat to the public.” Lady Justice fails to find the humor in any of this. Kapoor’s attorney, Ellyn Garafalo, felt publicity may be a factor in the medical board’s “troubling” decision.  Nonetheless, she was pleased with Judge Wesley’s buy dapoxetine canada