The Last of a Dying Breed

John Demjanjuk may have just taken the last flight of his life. Monday evening, the 89 year old retired Cleveland auto worker boarded a plane for a Munich prison, where an arrest warrant implicates him as an accessory to 29,000 murders as a Nazi death camp guard. The infirmed Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk and his family denies Germany’s accusations, saying he was held by the Germans solely as a Soviet prisoner of war. Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said Demjanjuk deserves to be punished and that this will probably be the last trial of someone accused of Nazi war crimes. Demjanjuk will be brought before a judge and formally charged this week. We trust Lady Justice is now sharpening her sword deep in the Rhineland.

A Fiery Conclusion

SANTA BARBARA FIRE UPDATE: Investigators have traced the blaze’s beginning to power tools used to clear vegetation along the Jesusita Trail in the foothills above the city. As of today, 70% containment has been reached, and thousands returned to their homes after mass evacuations. I again express my gratitude to the courageous firefighters who risked life and limb amidst swirling winds to quench this devastating display from Mother Nature.