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ANS’ the Beginning of the End: A Nanny Delivers A High-Flying Account Department of Justice Investigator, Danny Santiago, took the stand yesterday to read portions of a transcribed interview he conducted with Anna Nicole Smith’s nanny Ms. Nadine Alexie.  Alexie worked overnight shifts at ANS’s Bahamas home for 3 months in late 2006.  On many occasions, she witnessed ANS refusing pills and injections from the 3rd star of this circus, Howard K. Stern (HKS), assisted by Eroshevich.  Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. The perniciously persuasive Stern was able to overcome her objections, as he felt she needed to deaden the emotional pain brought on by her son’s death; the former Playmate would be confined to bed for days at a time due to mass amounts of narcotic ingestion, partially administered from used hypodermic needles Alexie discovered in the bathroom.  Alexie recounted, “Howard would talk her into it. [He would say], ‘If you don’t take your medication, you are going to start crying.’  Whenever she finished taking these things [Stern and Eroshevich] gave to her, she would be knocked out for a couple of days.”  During these extended periods of sedation ANS would neither eat, nor use the buy dapoxetine canada