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Last week’s proceedings concluded with testimony from a member of the South Carolina family that Smith stayed with during the final months of her life, Ford Shelley Jr.  He claimed he had no recollection of prescription drug bottles with Stern’s name on them. As the prosecution wraps up, questions remain as to when Smith’s nannies may testify. The two Haitian women, Nadine Alexie and Quethlie Alexie, are expected to be key witnesses against Stern.  Some roadblocks, however, stand in the way.  These women seemingly have encountered difficulties traveling to the United States and one apparently only speaks Creole which would require a translator.  A statement made by Ms. Alexie reveals that “Stern and Eroshevich persuaded Smith to take drugs that sometimes left her asleep for three days at a time.” Buzz surrounding the case is gaining traction outside the courtroom as Larry Birkhead makes his media rounds.  This morning he was interviewed on Good Morning America where he claims that he was fearful for Dannielynn’s health – due to Smith’s obvious drug problems during the pregnancy.  He also protested “Howard is being held in my opinion to the same standards as the doctors, almost as if he prescribed these medications. buy dapoxetine sweden