Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Six

Dr. Victor Kovner, a doctor who treated Smith six years before her death, took the witness stand late yesterday afternoon and returned this morning.  Kovner believed Smith suffered from chronic physical pain but he was never able to identify the source.  As a result, Smith often took prescription drugs intended to treat physical pain in order to cope with her emotional distress.  Kovner testified that it was difficult to treat Smith’s physical condition due to her drug addiction. According to Kovner’s testimony, Smith had a very child-like personality and would often ask for more drugs out of fears she would find herself empty handed.  Kovener described Smith as “manipulative” but acknowledged that “she did respond to structure and when denied what she wanted she adjusted to it.” Stay tuned…

Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Five

Today, Broward County’s chief toxicologist, Dr. Harold Schueler, testified that many of Smith’s drugs were prescribed to fictitious names.  Schueler made a chart of all the medications Smith consumed which included over 40 bottles of prescription drugs prescribed by Dr. Eroshevich. Schueler also testified that nine of the prescribed drugs were linked to her death in 2007. Coming up this week… There is speculation that five South Carolina residents have been asked to testify due to their familiarity with Smith’s physical condition before her death.  Gaither Ben Thompson Sr., Gaither Thompson Jr., Melanie Thompson, Ford Shelley and Gina Shelley “were named as material witnesses in the warrants presented to a judge at the Horry County Courthouse.” Two of the witnesses, Ford Shelly and Gaither Thompson Sr., are currently being sued by Stern over a property rights battle. Stay tuned to see how this unfolds!