Conrad Murray: The Doctor Is In . . . A Heap of Trouble

After an ongoing 7 month police investigation, today Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter.  He will be tried in the same Los Angeles Superior Courthouse where doctor defendants Erosovich and Kapoor, as well as defendant, Howard K. Stern, will be tried for aiding in the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Onlookers pelted the convicted physician with shouts of “murderer!” as he attempted to make his way into the courthouse.  The official complaint accused Murray of causing Michael Jackson’s death by acting “without due caution and circumspection.”  TMZ reports the doctor is expected to plead not guilty.  If convicted, he faces a possible maximum four-year state prison term. Isn’t it interesting how onlookers shouted “murderer!” to the doctor who overdosed MJ, but the defendants who allegedly gave Anna Nicole Smith too many drugs, which also led to her death, avoid such accusations from the crowds.  Just a thought . . . It is important to support a system that works, and holding those in trusted positions, whether they be spouses, doctors, or, lawyers, criminally liable for their misconduct is a prime example.  Stay tuned as details unfold.