Sloot to Kill

DNA evidence from skin found underneath Stephany Flores’ fingernails points to a massive struggle that the slain Peruvian woman was likely engaged in before her death.  Peruvian police have divulged that it may take several weeks for the evidence to be positively linked to a specific individual, the prime suspect being Joran van der Sloot. Other forensic tests involve her clothing, shoes, and a tennis racquet obtained from a Lima hotel room, the scene of the crime.  Allegedly, after murdering Flores, the dangerous Dutchman used sheets and a bedspread to clean up her blood, yet strangely, he left them in the room.  Lady Justice will keep you abreast…

The Supreme Court: Destroying Terrorism in All Its Incarnations

Despite 3 dissenters, yesterday, the United States Supreme Court rightfully ruled that Americans are barred from providing support (via money, arms, training, advice, assistance, etcetera…) to any foreign terrorist organization.  The decision cleared up a nebulous area in two previous decisions regarding the legality of punishing activities not linked to terrorism. The law stems from a Los Angeles based ‘Humanitarian’ Law Project that wants to provide support to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (”PKK”) for the purpose of filing human rights complaints before the UN, and coordinating peace negotiations with Turkey.  Yet, for years our State Department has deemed PKK a terrorist threat, and so this decision supports the assertion that any interaction with similar groups would serve to embolden, empower and legitimize their cause.