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Tragedy befalling prominent figures in the entertainment industry is nothing new, but the growing phenomenon of drug-related deaths among these people is unsettling.  Four that come to mind are Corey Haim, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, and Anna Nicole Smith (”ANS”).  Millions have been spent in legal fees to bring forth explanations and possible closure to their untimely loss of life. Controversy has especially been swirling around Haim, Jackson, and ANS, who all shopped for doctors that would ply them with enough medication to kill a person many times over. Though the exact cause of Haim’s death is still undetermined, several unauthorized prescriptions in his name were found amongst blank prescription pads (which could have been stolen from doctor’s offices).  These blank pads are the equivalent of gold bricks to drug pushers.  One arrest involving a possible drug ring participant who supplied Haim with a powerful painkiller occurred March 17, but details about the incarceration are sparse.  Then, 2 weeks ago, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office subpoenaed medical records from 20 doctors scattered throughout Southern California to gauge prescription trails linked to Haim.  Attorney General Jerry Brown and his office are seeking answers too.  At an April 6th press conference, Read More …

A Woman Scorned: Lady Justice Gets the Last Word on Anna Nicole Smith

“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I told you so” said Larry Birkhead as he exited the Bahamian courtroom when his paternity of Dannilynn was confirmed.  Well, I also don’t like to say I told you so, but today the 9th Circuit issued its opinion in the matter of Marshall v. Marshall finding against Anna Nicole Smith’s estate and Howard K. Stern, and in favor of the rightful Marshall heirs.  In doing so, the court has articulated some archaic probate laws regarding what constitutes preclusion, and core versus non-core issues.  They found Vicki’s (aka, Anna Nicole Smith’s) claims were NOT core to the bankruptcy proceeding.  Please click on this link to view the opinion in its entirety: 9th Circuit For a more in depth analysis, including my confirmed legal prediction, please read the article below entitled Probate Battle Illustrates Value of Constitution’s Full Faith & Credit Clause.  Lady Justice prevailed today, and I anticipate the Supreme Court will confirm this decision should the matter be appealed by Howard K. Stern yet again.