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After some scheduling conflicts, involving the final prosecution witness, Dr. Steven Shafer testified to 17 egregious and unconscionable violations of the standard of medical care, directly contributing to Michael Jackson’s death.   “You don’t get up, leave the wheel, and to go to bathroom.”   Also at issue for Shafter was Murray’s statement to detectives that he only administered a total of 4mg of the sleep medication lorazepam to MJ the day he died.  Shafer felt Murray underestimated the true amount, based on the toxicology report.   Shafer claimed MJ probably died because his tongue blocked the back of his throat, which could have been prevented if Murray simply lifted his chin.  Michael Flanagan, arguably the most knowledgeable member of the defense with regard to propofol, stepped down to cross-examine; in his place, Ed Chernoff attempted to discredit Shafer’s testimony, especially Shafer’s assertion that MJ could not have self-administered the lethal dose.  Shafer restored by testifying the apparatus could have been taken by Murray before emergency medical staff arrived.  When Chernoff pointed out Shafer used the wrong size syringe and IV bag in his demonstrations, Shafer commented with a dismissive comment regarding size not being at issue…  The prosecution rested and the jury buy dapoxetine canada