Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Twelve

Today, Howard K. Stern’s sister, Bonnie, was called to the stand as a prosecution witness.  Deputy District Attorney Renee Rose has alleged Smith emailed Bonnie asking for her to ship prescription medications to the Bahamas.  Rose claims the emails were found on Smith’s personal computer.  Bonnie testified that she had no recollection of any drug shipments and instead, spoke of her brother’s devotion to the former Playboy model.

You may remember after Smith’s death in 2007, Bonnie was outraged to hear the media call Stern a killer and immediately jumped to his defense claiming her“brother never fed [Smith] a drug in her life.” At the time, she also said that Stern could not control Smith’s drug addiction but would never try to kill her.  Check back tomorrow as the trial wraps up for the week!

6 thoughts on “Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Twelve

  1. Would someone in the legal world please explain if Judge Perry is biased against the prosecution.

    It appears a number of Perry’s comments in the courtroom go beyond what a judge should be saying. For example, he has asked witnessess to tone down their comments even though the witnesses are merely reiterating what they have previously said to the defendants, to the investigators and in a previous hearing. How can a judge ask a witness to “change” their testimony?

    The judge certainly appears to be trying to sway the case in another direction.

    Is it possible Judge Perry is up for reelection, been paid off or has a dislike for someone on the prosecutions side. He certainly doesn’t appear “fair and balanced” in his decisions or comments.

    With Judge Perry’s comments today,

    “It’s the people’s position that Anna Nicole was kept in a drugged state,” Perry said. “They claim she was a pawn in the hands of her handlers and doctors who kept her in a drugged state to control her and her money.”

    The evidence so far does not support that, he said.

    “I’m seeing a strong-willed person who ordered people around and was her own boss,” Perry said.

    Deputy District Attorney Renee Rose protested that she could understand the court’s rulings if the case was going to be decided by a judge.

    “But this is a case for a jury.” she said. ”

    Anyone in Los Angeles know about this Judge? Can the prosecution ask for a mistrial? It seems to me if the jury did convict Judge Perry would not hand down a sentence.

    Why was this case handed back to him? Did the defense ask for him to handle this case?

    Something smells rotten in ….

    Curious minds want to know if the scales of justice were tipped with a little $$$.

  2. This witness doesn’t seem to be on the up and up to me…maybe she will understand truly what happened in this case once everything is totally revealed…but then…blood is thicker than water isn’t it?

    1. In my opinion, Bonnie understood exactly what was going on and was part of it. And yes, “blood is thicker than water”.
      In my opinion, the question to ask is was Bonnie helping her brother in his nefarious scheme?

  3. Seems to me sister Bonnie was clearly in on it, illegally providing drugs and seems that she should also be charged as a conspirator.

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