Defendant Conrad Murray, or, Michael Jackson: Who Is On Trial…

It has been many months since the name Conrad Murray splashed across headlines.  As you may recall, last year he was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of his patient, Michael Jackson, who died over 2 years ago.

Prosecutors allege Murray killed the late pop star without malice.  Defendant entered a not guilty plea, attempting to exonerate himself from any malfeasance.  According to court papers filed Monday, Murray’s defense team claims that Jackson had an addictive personality, particularly for Propofol.  Murray admits to giving Jackson the drug, yet his defense attorneys claim Jackson injected himself with the final lethal dose.

The defense cringed when their legal strategy was struck down: Judge Michael Pastor blocked more than a dozen potential witnesses as well any testimony regarding Jackson’s 2005 trial on child molestation charges. Pastor justly labeled these tactics “sufficiently convoluted, distracting and detracting as to substantially outweigh any probative value whatsoever.”  Deputy District Attorney David Walgren is rightly concerned that the trial – slated to begin September 8 – may deteriorate into a character attack on Michael Jackson.

Lady Justice is waiting with bated breath for the opening gavel to strike.

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