This might not be a popular sentiment, but I’m rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies to prevail in the World Series, their 7th appearance. By contrast, the Yankees have been to the “Big Show” 40 times in their illustrious career; besides, I’m a proponent of siding with the underdog. My sentiments are also fueled by unwarranted jabs in the New York Post  before Game 1:

GO, FIGHTIN’ PHILS! Take it in Game 2 as you did in fine fashion last night!

2 thoughts on “GO, FIGHTIN’ PHILS!

  1. the Phils first game win should be a wake up call that they are a force to
    reckoned with and with a little luck and good playing….i would love to
    see George Steinbrenners famous fury
    if the yankees lose. Go Phillies.

  2. I just cannot get interested in sports because I suspect them of cheating with drugs. We should have DRUGGED sports where the athletes can take all the steroids anything else they wish without limit, and a second UDNRUGGED sports with testing and no drugs, no excuses.

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