Haiti: Shaken to Its Core

Haiti’s earthquake this past Tuesday further deteriorated its already cash-strapped position in the world economy.  Widely regarded as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the devastating human toll (estimated at 100,000 casualties) will slash its GDP by over 15%. The silver lining seems to be a rash of humanitarian aid.

For instance, Digicel Group Ltd., the largest mobile phone provider in Haiti, stated they would chip in $5 million for relief services.  Bank of America has pledged $1 million, and President Obama said the U.S. would respond with “every element of our national capacity,” including $100 million.  We hope this influx will help germinate Haiti’s extended period of growth.

2 thoughts on “Haiti: Shaken to Its Core

  1. according to the national news media…the Israeli aid was the most superior of all countries…setting up an extensive temporary hospital environment and fully operational in just a few hours….our country could use some pointers on how to distribute aid and provide assistance in a more timely manner….

  2. People die without water in 3 days. Seems like it takes way too long for help to be offered. Right now as I type this, people are dying because it takes too long to get water and food and emergency antibiotics to the injured. Reminds me of New Orleans. Why does it seem to take days and days to get simple water and food to people?
    Who was it who said any country would have a revolution if people went 3 days without food? So expect looting when people are hungry.

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