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3 thoughts on “Justice Delayed? Again…

  1. Postponing sounds like a stall tactic, if one waits long enough, witnesses die, papers are lost, prosecutors change jobs, etc.
    In a demurrer, the legal cause of action contains certain elements which must be checked off for a valid case, so a good tactic is to make the other side prove in court that all the elements might be able to be proven which sort of shows their hand to the other side. A demurrer also stalls the case.
    ***Sometimes money can buy enough legal maneuverings to kill a lawsuit.

  2. October??? That’s nuts- my guess is that this never makes it to trial. I don’t pretend to know the merits of the demurrer motion, but with all of the attention surounding the Michael Jackson drug investigation, these two will plead out. No way I would risk it in front of a jury.
    Anyone have any thoughts on what a plea would do to HKS’s ability to pursue the Marshall family money in that neverending case? I would think that a plea would lead to his being disbarred, but that’s just a guess!

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