Opposing Views Published “From Arnold to Edwards: Sexual Indiscretions of Public Figures”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life symbolizes the American dream for many. A former Mr. Universe turned Hollywood icon marries a member of the Kennedy dynasty and rises to the highest office in California as the state’s 38th Governor. Schwarzenegger recently revealed he fathered the child of a longtime household staff member more than a decade ago and that the woman continued to work in the family’s Brentwood home until earlier this year.

With his 25-year marriage shattered, his wife, Maria Shriver, moved out of their house and into a Beverly Hills hotel. Despite his numerous accomplishments, Schwarzenegger may be best remembered as yet another philandering politician. His behavior puts him in a class of high-profile prominent men who have been mired in sex scandals.

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9 thoughts on “Opposing Views Published “From Arnold to Edwards: Sexual Indiscretions of Public Figures”

  1. Shame on Arnold and his weak character. However, I do feel a bit of pity for him as a victim of extortion by his baby-mama.
    He has a strong stomach to have sperminated in her.

  2. I agree with Dee Jay….she is sooo ugly…i don’t understand why he did it but more importantly…how he could do it…she is so unattractive….

  3. It’s not her fault or credit if she was born pretty or ugly.
    But it is her fault if she immorally copulated with another woman’s husband. How would she like it if she were Mrs. Schwarzenegger ???

  4. The crazy culture we have in this country that tells celebrties, psuedo-celebrities, politicians and celebrity-politicians that they can do anything they want and pay no consequesnces must come to an end. Moreover, we must put an end to the abuse of the US legal system by these crooks and charlatans. Hopefully, SCOTUS will at very least be consistent in its intent to limit bankruptcy jurisdiction and finally put an end to the Smith debacle.

  5. It is such a shame that edwards tarnished his otherwise sterling image….His book and his deeds are without question….he has helped so many people…

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