Proactively Prescribing A Death

Anna Nicole Smith’s death was linked to a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs, but can she alone be responsible for her untimely passing? The more we examine this case, the more it appears those entrusted with her care were actually eschewing that important role. We are not implying HKS and the two doctors implicated in the case had murderous intentions, but simply hypothesizing that she could be alive today had those parties not enabled her.

Take, for instance, the two abscesses on both her buttocks and the back of one thigh, concurrent with regular injections of (possibly) chloral hydrate, a sleep aid listed on her toxicology report. Smith’s liver and kidneys were enlarged and congested, most likely due to enormous amounts of prescription drugs. Soon after the death of her son Daniel in September 2006, Smith enlisted the services of psychiatrist, Dr. Kristine Eroshevich, who obtained a list of 6 drugs. All 6 of these were known to be addictive; the most surprising was Prexige (an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) banned by the FDA (but approved in the EU) because of high incidents of ….enlarged and congested livers.

According to Attorney General Jerry Brown, Smith was at the point of “stupefaction” with the thousands of pills she was ingesting. Can a person in this condition truly be capable of self-medicating to her own demise? Shouldn’t her caretakers have been more proactive, if their goal was to rehabilitate?

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  1. Well, in hindsight, her doctors should have certainly not prescribed all those drugs. Her doctors should have communicated with one another – do doctors usually try to coordinate meds with one another? Maybe we should make a law forcing doctors to talk to one another when they have a common patient.— And could her family and friends have been closer to her – did they see her TV show and notice she was out of it? Could they have reached out to her or was she left isolated and at the mercy of HKS?

  2. It is truly amazing that this pattern of illegal and unethical prescription of serious drugs was able to continue unchecked until Anna’s death…and more amazing still that the authorities have only now began to look into the parties responsible a full 2 years after her death. It took two years even after her autopsy showing interaction of several drugs being the cause of death and seeing a fridge and cabinet full of prescriptions in the home where she was staying? I know the wheels of justice turn slow, but this is a bit much. It was plain to see that parties were trying to control her via addictive medications so that if she were to come by a windfall award in her action against the Marshall estate then the enablers would also benefit. However, those same folks, including Howard K. Stern and her “doctors” (here we must use the term loosely) have seen their fantasies of a multi-million dollar jackpot slip through the cracks as even the last desperation petition to the Supreme Court was rightfully turned away by Justice Kennedy. Now their battle is more of one to maintain freedom and avoid incarceration.

  3. What is being “learned” is that Dr. Eroshevich was NOT Anna’s doctor, yet she prescribed drugs in other names for Anna. The drugs prescribed to her since the birth of her baby had been prescribed by Eroshevich. No other doctors were needed because Dr. E gave her everything and anything even after being told that she was prescribing a potentially deadly cocktail for Anna.
    If Howard didn’t want you around Anna, you weren’t allowed to be around her. She was isolated from those who would have tried to help her.

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