This particular Veteran’s Day hits hard coming on the heels of Major Hasan’s shooting spree at Fort Hood, killing soldiers who commit their lives to protect us. Click here for more information. Our great military is to be credited as one of the sources for America’s historic ability to maintain a strong and powerful world presence.  My concern is that the FBI was already in possession of relevant information regarding Malik Hasan’s suspicious behavior and activity, including emails to extremist radicals and outspoken dissent, yet Hasan was nonetheless free to roam one of the largest American bases in the world.  Unless he is swiftly prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, will good Americans continue to feel inspired to join the military.

According to Col. Oliver North, the biggest Veteran’s Day celebration occurs annually in the middle of Silver Dollar City and Branson, Missouri.  He “think(s) that’s because veterans feel welcome” and it “is a patriotic city… There’s no place like this.”  Col. North expressed that “hopefully, every American will walk up to a veteran and say, ‘thank you for your service.’  Because that does mean something.  It’s the reason why the rest of us can speak as we please, come and go as we want, protect(ing) our freedoms.”  OK Ollie, will do! Thanks to all veterans and soldiers for devoting your lives to protect our freedoms.


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