Sloot to Kill

DNA evidence from skin found underneath Stephany Flores’ fingernails points to a massive struggle that the slain Peruvian woman was likely engaged in before her death.  Peruvian police have divulged that it may take several weeks for the evidence to be positively linked to a specific individual, the prime suspect being Joran van der Sloot.

Other forensic tests involve her clothing, shoes, and a tennis racquet obtained from a Lima hotel room, the scene of the crime.  Allegedly, after murdering Flores, the dangerous Dutchman used sheets and a bedspread to clean up her blood, yet strangely, he left them in the room.  Lady Justice will keep you abreast…

3 thoughts on “Sloot to Kill

  1. It’s unfortunate that the legal system isn’t fighting for justice for the people, for the cases that aren’t blaring obvious like this one.

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