Sonia Hermosillo: Baby Momma Drama

The arraignment of 31-year-old Sonia Hermosillo, the La Habra mother who dropped her 7-month-old son four stories to his death from Children’s Hospital of Orange County parking garage, has been delayed until September 30.

Hermosillo was apprehended when a witness called police after seeing the baby fall in tandem with footage captured on surveillance cameras. She was later charged with murder and child abuse by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.  A Mexican national, she remains in custody at the Intake Release Center in Santa Ana, along with an immigration hold by authorities.

Noe Medina, Hermosillo’s husband, relayed to a reporter how his wife suffered from severe depression and had difficulty accepting the boy’s condition of plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) and congenital muscular torticollis (head twisting to one side).  He requested his wife not be judged poorly due to these circumstances.  Lady Justice is appalled by the lack of humanity. How could the act of extinguishing the life a flawed child being be considered as cavalier as, say, throwing out a damaged pair of shoes from a shopping mall?  Society should not tolerate such acts, be they premeditated or impetuous.  How delicately or sharply should the tip of Lady Justice’s sword pierce Hermosillo’s skin…we shall soon find out.

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