Stern vs. Marshall: A Supreme Decision Awaits – Again…

The high-profile 16 year old Stern v. Marshall case is back at the United States Supreme Court.  Howard K. Stern, acting as the executor of the late Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, is attempting to secure a piece of the multimillion dollar estate owned by late J. Howard Marshall, who Anna Nicole Smith married for several months in 1994.  Smith’s legal team argued that an oral arrangement existed between her and Marshall, which went beyond the inheritance she was given after his passing.  As reported in The

While legal and casual observers often view Smith’s effort to use an unsubstantiated oral claim of entitlement as a money grab that violates Marshall’s carefully prepared and properly executed estate plan, years of litigation have made this case about much more.  In addition to being “about money,” this case will likely produce landmark decisions involving not only inheritance rights, but also determine potential handling for other civil and states’ rights matters.  Americans who believe this “celebrity” case has nothing to do with them are wrong.  The use of legal gamesmanship to assault a legitimate estate plan as orchestrated by Smith and her legal team violates American property rights and could impact Americans of all economic, social and political straits on a number of fronts.

Lady Justice will provide updates about this landmark decision.