The ANS Circus: The Disappointing Disrespect for our Jury System

The highly publicized case against Howard K. Stern and Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor as co-conspirators in Anna Nicole Smith’s death was – according to prosecutors – supposed to relay an ethical lesson to professionals everywhere who treat celebrities as clients and patients.  Lady Justice may have faltered in her mission today, but it’s not over yet.  First, Kapoor was exonerated from any wrongdoing. And, today, Judge Robert Perry threw out convictions against Stern and Eroshevich after a jury deliberated for two weeks to find them guilty!  District Attorney Steve Cooley vehemently stated his office would “pursue all appellate remedies to overturn Judge Perry’s decision” as they should.  Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “The ANS Circus: The Disappointing Disrespect for our Jury System

  1. Lily, perhaps you haven’t been reading this blog often enough to know that she has mostly been dedicated to covering this case. What is is that you disagree with exactly?
    On another note, I hope Mr. Cooley has success in his pursuit of justice.

  2. Perhaps the judge was blackmailed, bribed or who knows what else?!? I can’t think of any other reason for dismissing the verdict of the jury.

  3. If she was truly covering this case she would known -without me even explaining why- how ridicules it would be for the DA to try re-filing charges.

    1. It seems you are the one confused. The DA has said they are going to appeal the Judges ruling, and they didn’t announce yet whether they will retry on the charges and/or counts the jury was hung on.

      The Judges ruling dismissing the jury’s guilty verdict contradicted his own prior rulings. Including the one just before he sent the charges into the jury for them to consider. Remember he dismissed two against Stern at that time for insufficient evidence but ruled their was sufficient evidence to support the charges and counts that he was sending in to be considered and ruled on by the jury. Nothing in the evidence changed between that time and his current ruling. The Judge contradicted himself.

      Also good news there appears to be another investigation by the Medical Board into Dr. Kapoor.


      1. I do want to correct on part of my post. The Judge set aside the jury’s guilty verdict and then dismissed the charges, not that he dismissed the jury’s verdict.

  4. I hope there is an appeal. Doctors like Kapoor and Eroshevich have shown their lack of ethics and should at the very least lose their licenses. Same for Stern. If the DA does not follow up on this, I hate to see the fallout. “Doctor’s to the stars” breaking every rule and more people will die. One client lawyers will be allowed to shack up with their clients, control their assets, live lavishly off of them for over a decade, isolate them from their families and claim to father children with them when they didn’t.

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