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4 thoughts on “Trial and Heirs Review

  1. I remember reading about the grandson of Henry Ford…(i think) and although
    he had a well planned estate…with even a video he made to further reinforce his wishes…the family members who felt slighted sued….I never did know the results…but it does highlight how even careful planning can go awry in the courts.

  2. Yes, even the most perfect estate plan can be attacked. That is why it is important to stop greedy people who try to pervert the clear wishes of a testator.

    Here, it is important to the integrity of our justice system that backdoor attacks through specialty courts be dismissed.

    Thank you, Janice, for your reporting, I enjoy your clever writing.

  3. You make a great point- it is very unsettling that even the best made estate plans can crumble in the face of judical gaming. I just hope that the 9th circuit rules soon in Marshall v. Marshall so that one loophole will be a thing of the past!

  4. I agree, this has become a country where a dying man’s last wishes have been cast by the wayside and we’ve reverted to a system where the “squeakiest wheel gets the grease.” Whomever puts up the greatest fuss is doing so because they know it creates so much headache for the REAL heirs that they’ll settle just to be done with the matter, or else some crackpot judge will feel charitable (with another person’s assets) and dole out an “appropriate” amount to the disgruntled individual. Kudos to the Marshall family for picking a time to stand and fight injustice rather than just paying off that gold-digger Anna Nicole to put the situation behind them. It will be a great victory for estate planning in general when the Marshall family triumphs in the 9th circuit over Anna’s estate.

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