Anna Maria Torres: Making Contact with Lady Justice’s Speed Bump

In August 2007, 75 year-old Anna Maria Torres was pulling out of a driveway at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Placentia when she struck and killed 89 year old, Ms. Jessie Pound, who was walking across that same driveway.  Torres originally told police she attended an earlier mass and walked home, then testified that she did not hear, or, feel anything as she drove away…  A witness stated he heard Pound’s skull crack, and heard her screaming as the car’s wheels rolled over her and while Torres sped up.

On Thursday, Torres was convicted of: one felony count of hit-and-run causing death; one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter; and, one count of providing false information to a police officer.  She also received a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  At her upcoming sentencing in October, Torres could face a maximum prison sentence of 4 years.

5 thoughts on “Anna Maria Torres: Making Contact with Lady Justice’s Speed Bump

  1. I wish Terrible Torres to get the absolute maximum sentence. And thank you for the witness who helped Lady Justice.

  2. I think these incidents are heartbreaking.

    Every child of an older parent that still drives fears this. How can you get a stubborn person that shouldn’t
    be on the road to stop?

    Should 65 and older have to take an actual driving test every year?

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