ANS Circus Blast From the Past: Seidlin’s Book to Hit Bookstores

Former Broward County Judge Larry Seidlin is again attempting to capitalize on the hotly contested death of ANS with the release of his page turner. The Murder of Anna Nicole Smith, set to be released on June 16, is taking poetic license with its title.  Much of the “evidence” collected in the book is reported to have come from Seidlin’s personal collection.  For example, a month following Seidlin’s emotion-filled ruling on the 2007 ANS body custody hearing, TMZ reported her x-rays were mysteriously found in a dumpster behind his condo. Seidlin retired from the bench in summer 2007 following a letter penned to Florida Governor Charlie Crist in which he states, “It is now time for me to devote more of my daily life to my own young family and to pursue the many opportunities that have been offered to me outside the judicial system and I have disregarded until now…While these opportunities are varied, they all share in common a further commitment to helping my fellow citizens through roles in the educational system, the media and nonprofit organizations.” Lady Justice is sure his efforts with the book’s release are strictly philanthropic and not destined to line his pockets…..pause for eye Read More …

Haiti: Shaken to Its Core

Haiti’s earthquake this past Tuesday further deteriorated its already cash-strapped position in the world economy.  Widely regarded as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the devastating human toll (estimated at 100,000 casualties) will slash its GDP by over 15%. The silver lining seems to be a rash of humanitarian aid. For instance, Digicel Group Ltd., the largest mobile phone provider in Haiti, stated they would chip in $5 million for relief services.  Bank of America has pledged $1 million, and President Obama said the U.S. would respond with “every element of our national capacity,” including $100 million.  We hope this influx will help germinate Haiti’s extended period of growth.