Claudia Aderotimi: Butt Not For Long

On a mission to embody the ‘image’ of many prominent female celebrities, 20 year old U.K. resident, Claudia Aderotimi, made her way to the United States.  To meet this lofty ambition, Aderotimi booked a popular and inexpensive, yet illegal, procedure via the internet involving silicone injections into her posterior. The fatal procedure took place 3500 miles away from her home at a Philadelphia Hampton Inn.  The preliminary cause of death was due to a silicone-based substance called hydrogel entering Aderotimi’s bloodstream and stopping her heart. Police unearthed silicone, syringes, identification cards, and cell phones during the home search of Padge Victoria Windslowe, a 41 year old transgender stage performer known by the pseudonym “Black Madam” who is thought to have administered this fatal procedure.  Coincidentailly, Aderotimi was red-flagged by the Immigrations and Custom Enforcement Agency (ICE) for bringing illegal drugs into the country. Lady Justice will continue to follow breaking developments in this story.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Real Life Legacy and Opera Crescendo

Four years ago today the former Playboy, Anna Nicole Smith passed away from drug overdose.  Her legacy continues to impact the media with an upcoming opera and recent Supreme Court hearing.  In light of her passing, I wrote an article in Opposing Views. “Four years ago, reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith passed away, yet her legacy lives on. With a racy Royal Opera musical called ‘Anna Nicole’ set to open in a few weeks and the Supreme Court decision in her estate case lingering, this former Playboy continues to flood the media. On January 18th, the Supreme Court Justices were subject to round two of oral arguments regarding the estate case Stern v. Marshall. The Court must now determine the jurisdiction of specialty bankruptcy courts – either officially limiting their power or drastically expanding it. The last time the High Court heard arguments in the case, instead of making a ruling, it was sent back down to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – who in turn upheld the original Texas probate court ruling in favor of Marshall.” Stay tuned…