Lindsay Lohan: Playing A Role She Knows Well

A life graced by footlights and spotlights, coupled with an unstable familial foundation, is often underscored by the inability to follow socially responsible norms and mores.  The troubles of Lindsay Lohan bear no exception.  It appears she repeatedly attempts to negate her issues by struggling with sexual orientation, alcohol, and drug abuse.  Certainly one might be swayed to sympathize with her plight, and persuade her to manage her troubles by productive and constructive means. The will of Lady Justice should not be continuously tried and tested, regardless of the excuse for insubordination.  Lohan’s missteps continue as follows, just to name a few:  failure to appear for her DUI conviction hearing in May allegedly due to a stolen passport; failure to consistently adhere to drug rehabilitation schedules; and, failure to accept culpability for erratic behavior while attributing youth and inexperience as the culprit. Attorney Robert Shapiro, who made a career of defending the questionable behavior of his star-studded celebrities, provided no explanation as to why he quit his tenure as Lohan’s counsel – the day before she began a 90-day sentence in the L.A. County Jail.  She is, however, expected to be released soon due to “supposed” jail overcrowding. Yesterday, prosecutors Read More …

The ANS Circus: Here Comes the Caravan!

Hurry, hurry!  Step right up for a chance to participate in one of the greatest spectacles to ever grace a courtroom!  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, introducing the notorious network of defendants, Stern, Eroshevich, and Kapoor.  Each are charged with drug conspiracy related to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. You – yes, you! – could be called as a juror to decide their fate! Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry stresses that this is a high profile case involving a well-known media figure.  Here is a 15-page questionnaire to assess your qualifications (courtesy of E!): \”Jury Questionnaire\” Besides the usual juror background check, we now ask you to submit to a series of questions involving your medical history (specifically as it relates to prescription medication), your views on the medical profession and the law, and any bias relating to the 3 individuals stated above. While Lady Justice awaits your responses, we remind you the opening gavel will be heard August 4.