ANS: Aria Va Dolce

Anna Nicole Smith . . . the opera? Britain’s Royal Opera House is planning to document the life of the tragic model turned actress in a production simply entitled Anna Nicole; it premieres at Covent Garden Feb. 17, 2011, with Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek in the lead role. Marc-Anthony Turnage will compose the music, and Richard Thomas will script the libretto. Thomas was responsible for bringing another media figure to the stage with Jerry Springer: The Opera. Lady Justice speculates Anna Nicole’s arc will unsurprisingly culminate, like most operas, with the diva perishing under tragic conditions.

9 thoughts on “ANS: Aria Va Dolce

  1. More money making opportunities for those wanting to make a quick “buck”
    off of ANS. quite frankly i am a bit
    turned off about this whole scenario.

  2. Hey, at least “the anna posse” is back in the entertainment rhelm. Now if we could only keep them there- and out of our courtrooms!

  3. Strangely, the final act has not yet been written on this 15 year legal saga until the CA court rules. I certainly hope that the Marshall family gets the justice they deserve!

  4. I am tired of hearing about celebrities and their ailments and their weaknesses
    and their demise…give me a brea

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