ANS’ the Beginning of the End: Kapoor the Klown & His Diary in the Spotlight!

The ANS preliminary circus act is beginning to look and sound slightly derivative, but the show must go on!  Here is a recap of the last two days, with a surprise revelation.

Expert witness James Gagne testified Kapoor was reckless in prescribing dangerous levels of opiates and sedatives for ANS without first performing a complete medical workup to determine what was ailing her.  Kapoor began treating ANS in 2004 after he took over her prior physician’s practice, and one of his first lapses in judgment surfaced when he prescribed the powerfully addictive opiate Dilaudid for 6 months (aptly nicknamed “hospital heroin”) after learning she had cracked two ribs.  Gagne believed she should have been given “a low level opiate for a week or two.”  Way to allow the body to heal itself, big K!  It was only when Kapoor saw the televised train wreck of her appearance on an awards show that he discontinued her dosage.

ANS refused drug counseling, and Kapoor chalked up her bizarre televised turn to a seizure, not overmedication. During cross-examination, Gagne did give Kapoor credit for admitting her drug habit might be abusive.  Almost a year and a half after the American Music Awards appearance, a pregnant ANS was hospitalized for acute drug withdrawal.  Despite the fact that the hospital psychiatrist was weaning ANS off methadone and sedatives, because of the risk they posed to the unborn child, Kapoor – on the very day she was released – decided to prescribe hundreds of sedatives and methadone over the next two months that seemed to come – according to Gagne “out of thin air.”  That’s using the old noggin’, Sandeep!  ANS and Kapoor “supposedly” had one brief encounter at a hair salon prior to her departure to the Bahamas, but the prescriptions kept on coming…

Beware of what you write in a diary – it may come back to haunt you one day.  This watershed moment belongs to Kapoor, as salacious excerpts from his private memoirs were read aloud by Judge Perry.  Consider these telling snippets.

First, Kapoor, the self-proclaimed addict, from an entry dated November 17, 2002.  “I also need to get off the drugs. The Buspar [for anti-anxiety], Wellbutrin [for depression] have to go.  But first the Ambien [for sleep disorders] has got to go.  Oh God, it’s so addicting.  I have to get off that (expletive).”  Too bad you didn’t feel that way about your patients, SK.

Next, a lightning bolt from June 13, 2005, corroborates a prosecution talking point regarding a very revealing video (which Judge Perry viewed but decided was unnecessary) and photographs taken at a party around that time:  “I was making out with Anna, my patient, blurring the lines.  I gave her Methadone, Valium. Can she ruin me?”  Making out? Kapoor’s alleged homosexuality aside, didn’t his lawyer assert he kept his exchanges with ANS strictly professional?

According to investigator Jon Genens’ testimony, files containing ANS’ and her son Daniel’s medical records were stashed in Kapoor’s home . . . records that allegedly detail ANS’ penchant for drugs.  Other records listed under ANS’ real name, as well as Michelle Chase (one of her pseudonyms), were found in the office of Kapoor’s attorney. A note from the file found in Kapoor’s home dated, April 24, 2006, states “Benzo addition? To avoid” was not included in the so-called duplicate file at his  attorney’s office.  Hmmm . . . Another difference detailed a lesion on ANS’ left thigh discovered around the same time, but the two sets of files contain discrepancies in blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate readings too.  Judge Perry felt that these shenanigans constitute “guilty knowledge” by Kapoor and Lady Justice nods in approval.

As the “Big Top” proceedings continue, Lady Justice will be on the scene to bring you more while the Circus is in town.

4 thoughts on “ANS’ the Beginning of the End: Kapoor the Klown & His Diary in the Spotlight!

  1. Wow – this pill-popping mentality saddens me. I hope that other medical professionals are learning from this case.
    As an aside, I find it interesting that private memoirs are allowed as court evidence…what if someone were writing a fiction piece that became confused as reality.

  2. Methinks it is very difficult for a drug wean another drug addict off of drugs.I sincerely hope that judge perry convicts kapoor of a
    “guilty crime” resulting from his
    “guilty knowledge”.

  3. Sad, and this is the tip of the iceberg. Abuse by trusted professionals. Lies, greed, abuse, cruelty, deceit, money, fame, power, mockery, corruption. Lady Justice, we need some balance.

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