Don’t Toy With the Police

A Palmdale sheriff’s deputy investigating a burglary wounded a 15-year-old boy last night. According to reports, the boy, equipped with a black squirt gun, was playing cops and robbers with friends and was shot when he refused to lower it after twice receiving a warning. The boy is expected to fully recover. A thought: how many 15-year-olds do you know who still play “cops and robbers” with squirt guns?

Will Justice Souter’s Replacement Rock the High Court Boat: Not Likely

After less than two decades on the U.S. Supreme Court, 69 year-old, Justice David H. Souter is retiring. Historically, 69 is a young age for a High Court Justice to retire. Justice Souter, though appointed by President George H. W. Bush, suprisingly veered sharply to the left, voting with liberals of the Court. Clearly he was a closet liberal. There are, however, four conservatives sitting comfortably on the bench. Thus regardless of BO’s pick the Court’s balance will not shift much at all. President BO read a quick statement moments ago about how he will choose a replacement. BO demands the replacement be “sharp and independent” minded with a “record of excellence and integrity.” He further stated said replacement must possess empathy as “an essential ingredient.” His pick will be “dedicated to the rule of law” and “honor constitutional traditions.” BO will seek somebody who “shares [his] constitutional values” and he hopes to swear in the new justice by the first monday in October when the High Court’s new term begins. A list of replacements was devised long ago. To name a few: 1) Bronx native with Puerto Rican roots, Judge Sonia Sotomayor; 2) Elena Kagan, Solicitor General; 3) Leah Read More …