Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Sixteen

Late yesterday, G. Thompson testified that Smith’s speech slurred after taking pills, saying “she would become all groggy and like in la-la land.”  He also witnessed Smith suffer seizures at his home but assumed they were under control.  Thompson recalled Stern asking him to watch over Smith’s medication to protect her.

Smith claimed the house Thompson bought in 2006 was a present for her,  yet Thompson denies this claim and remains in a litigation battle over the property with Stern.  Thompson revealed that when Dannielynn was born, Smith asked him to put his name down as the father.  “I contemplated it but it was not the right thing to do,” he said. “I knew I was not the father. I had had a vasectomy.”

Today, Thompson’s daughter-in-law Melanie also briefly took the stand.  Check back tomorrow for the latest on Melanie’s testimony!

2 thoughts on “Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Sixteen

  1. it seems everyone involved were either in this sordid mess for the sex the money or the fame….and maybe a bit of all three.

  2. Someone taking enough drugs to give them seizures is flirting with Death, and those giving her such large doses are well aware that they are pushing the envelope to end her life….To continue giving such a person drugs is really murder….

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