Don’t Toy With the Police

A Palmdale sheriff’s deputy investigating a burglary wounded a 15-year-old boy last night. According to reports, the boy, equipped with a black squirt gun, was playing cops and robbers with friends and was shot when he refused to lower it after twice receiving a warning. The boy is expected to fully recover.

A thought: how many 15-year-olds do you know who still play “cops and robbers” with squirt guns?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Toy With the Police

  1. Think about it….the most decorated man from the second world war was audie murphy…who…by the way …enlisted illegally in the army at the age of 15….I have little sympathy

  2. Too many kids at that age…show little respect for authority…and unfortunately this one paid the price…he is lucky to be alive…Me thinks…all of his friends around him will not make the same stupid mistake…

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