Seidlin’s Perspective: Criminal Culpability of Drug Addict Facilitators

Former Fort Lauderdale judge and New York City cab driver, Larry Seidlin, re-emerged last week with the release of his new book “The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith.”  Three years ago, the dispute over Anna Nicole Smith’s final resting place catapulted Seidlin into the national spotlight with his odd, emotion filled ruling.  After a six day trial, Seidlin promised not to discuss the case again, yet it seems outside entities forced him into the public eye again, as revealed on the TODAY show where he confessed “so much information came [his] way” that his “hands are dirty finding all of this information.”

Seidlin’s tough critique of Smith’s former lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern, emphasizes an important aspect of the case.  Fortunately, courtroom pressure forced Stern to give testimony admitting his role in providing Smith with drugs that eventually killed her.  Stern admitted “in the courtroom that he obtained Anna Nicole’s drugs and got these drugs in other people’s names.” Though it appeared the case was closed, numerous events triggered a new interest for Seidlin – the role of celebrity enablers and facilitators.  Upon re-examining the case, he realized he may have set a significant precedent.

Since Anna Nicole Smith’s death, other celebrities such as, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Brittany Murphy, also suffered “accidental deaths.”  Whether for love, fame, or, money, it seems Stern facilitated Smith’s drug addiction.  He was present when both she and her son, Daniel, mysteriously passed away, leading Seidlin to believe he played a role in the lethal mix of drugs.  In fact, “the nine bottles of prescription medications that were found in her room at the Hard Rock were prescribed in his name.” Where do we draw the line between an enabler and a facilitator?

Seidlin is convinced Stern is the mastermind behind Smith’s estate.  According to Seidlin, Stern knew he may not be the biological father of Smith’s only living descendant, but desperately hoped for a chance at $$$.  It seems Anna Nicole Smith wanted Stern to be the father of her daughter, or, she might have named another person on Dannielynn’s birth certificate.

The timing is perfect for the release of Seidlin’s new book, as Stern’s criminal trial is set to begin August 4th.  Perhaps the Los Angeles criminal court will also set precedent regarding criminal culpability of drug facilitators.  Seidlin’s sentiment is quite frank in his new book:  enabling a celebrity’s addiction is not the way to millions of dollars, as perhaps Stern thought it was, but instead, Stern could be headed to jail for such actions.  Lady Justice will keep you abreast of any new developments.

5 thoughts on “Seidlin’s Perspective: Criminal Culpability of Drug Addict Facilitators

  1. I interview a woman man who has used Heroin most of his life she has a very sad life

    We have a woman named Lisa she has been on all the current Harm reduction program’s available in Vancouver’s Downtown eastside
    this is a sad sad story this poor woman only has her addiction to look forward to in her life

    Last but not least we interviewed more woman who talk about the pro’s and con’s of Heroin vs. Methadone

    You be the judge the whole reason for these videos is to bring some truth out about the addiction support services that are in use here in Vancouver. My research has been on a personal level for over twenty five years in addiction as well as these and many more video interviews. Thank you recovered addict

    1. Thank you Richard. Your videos are excellent and it is sad as you say. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your comment.

  2. Generally, I have a lot of respect for our judicial system, but Seidlin is a joke and disgrace to the system, IMO. I believe he’s of the same ilk as Stern AND Birkhead, especially when it comes to kowtowing to rich old ladies. He has a lot of nerve writing about Anna Nicole, and I hope he has the b*lls to discuss the terrible injustice he heaped upon Virgie Arthur. IMO, he’s just another screwball trying to make a buck off of Anna’s name.

  3. Even though Judge Seidlin is a bit off-center, I do have respect for his experience as a judge and I would like to read his book.
    I do believe Seidlin is right on-center about Howard Stern as a puppetmaster.
    Janice, I look forward to your upcoming trial of Howard Stern, I hope he gets what he deserves.

  4. Howard Stern is going to get what he deserves…not what he thinks he deserves….Jail time …i see it in
    his future….lol

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