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4 thoughts on “The ANS Circus: Here Comes the Caravan!

  1. There will be no “circus” a la Seidlin in the Judge Perry’s courtroom, that’s for sure. People who lied to Bahamian Police and in Florida during body custody trial will have to think twice before they testify in Perry’s courtroom. They told many versions of the same story and just can’t get their story straight.

  2. Anxiously awaiting the start of this trial. It’s been a long time coming.

    Many of those who followed this case from Florida on thought that justice might never come. Stern, Kapoor and Ersohevich seemed to think their enabling deeds and criminal activities were covered under “celebrity privacy”. So glad we didn’t despair. It appears the investigators and prosecution team did a remarkably thorough job and the case is now ready for trial. Cheers for Lady Justice!

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