Recent Post Pelosi Protecting Undocumented Workers One Blunder At A Time

What perfect timing! Despite the latest data showing the national unemployment rate at slightly over 8% and California peaking at close to 11, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to make a stand for….the employment rights of undocumented workers. Speaking on March 8 to a group of legal and illegal immigrants in a San Francisco church, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the “un-American” trend of work “raids” by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents. “Who in our country would not to change a policy of licking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?” Pelosi asked. “It must be stopped….what value system is that? I think it’s un-American. I think it’s un-American.” Is it no wonder that the Department of Homeland Security is in a holding pattern, frustrated that the policies set forth to control our borders is in ever changing paradigm? E-verify employees, your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.

The Fritzl Schnitzel: Rancid Meat Pounded and Served Au-Justice

Josef Fritzl knew his sordid charade was over. The 73 year old Austrian was already convicted of rape and imprisonment of his daughter Elizabeth. The impetus behind his full confession came behind closed doors where a panel of judges and jury alike watched in horror as the now 42 year old woman testified via videotape this past Monday and Tuesday. According to a European source, Fritzl learned under Austrian law a full confession could result in a reduced sentence. To his lawyer’s surprise, Fritzl stated on Wednesday, “I declare myself guilty to the charges in the indictment” and referred to his behavior as “sick.” Psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner told the court Wednesday that Frizl suffers from a serious personality disorder, and, even at his advanced age, poses a threat if let among the general populace. She recommended Fritzl serve out his sentence in a prison facility specially equipped to handle psychologically deranged criminals. A quick synopsis: in 1984, Fritzl locked then 18-year-old Elisabeth in the tiny, windowless cellar of their home. Over the span of many years, he raped her on countless occasions, fathering 7 children in the process. His steadfast refusal to grant medical care resulted in his son Michael’s Read More …