Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Day Thirty Five

While no defense witnesses were present at the trial today, 90 photos were introduced documenting Smith’s last few months. The photographer, Howard K. Stern, attempted to prove Smith’s sober state by showing “the blonde beauty beginning with the birth of her baby.” With the exception of photos from Daniel Smith’s funeral, the majority of the photos emphasized Smith’s happiness. According to the Associated Press, although the prosecution was set to rest today, they will now wrap up on Monday. Check back for more updates! UPDATE: In regards to Mrs. Marple’s comments, the prosecution did try to counter the defense by introducing “two less flattering pictures” of Smith as evidence.  However – as pointed out by readers – the prosecution may not have gone far enough to portray Smith’s addiction.  As previously discussed, there are many unusual circumstances surrounding this case and Judge Perry has “harshly criticized the prosecution for overreaching.” According to the Associated Press, Judge Perry has scheduled arguments on dismissal motions for today.  Although it seems some charges will stand, Judge Perry “wants arguments to be limited on two issues: whether Smith was an addict and whether prescriptions were obtained under false names.” Be sure to check back!