Read Our Lips: No New Taxes!

Californians are sick and tired of government fondling their pockets.  Amidst a $21.3 billion dollar deficit, California voters resoundingly rejected 5 of 6 propositions aimed to “temporarily fix” the state’s financial crisis.  In Los Angeles County approximately 17% of the registered voters actually voted.  Is this lack of voter turn out perhaps a sign of frustration with government.  If these measures passed, then Californians would have been levied higher taxes to balance the crippled budget. Not surprisingly, the approved measure blocks state legislators and other elected officials from receiving pay hikes in deficit years.  Grassroots reform groups such as California Forward are attempting to provide solutions in the wake of abject failure among government to combat this ever-widening gap.  Is there perhaps a revolution brewing in the wild, wild west…

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Last night, I was at my stove preparing some hard boiled eggs for the week. I turned my back for a few seconds and heard the pot rattle. For a moment, I wondered how the water could’ve come to a boil that quickly. As soon as I realized the sudden jolt was an earthquake, it was over…and I breathed a sigh of relief no damage had occurred. A dear friend of mine whose car was stopped at a traffic light close to the temblor’s epicenter had quite an experience. He felt a similar jolt and a rolling sensation lasting 10 seconds, while hearing the unsettling sound of windows shattering from a shopping mall across the street. I bring these slices of life to your attention for a reason: unlike other natural disasters, earthquakes occur with no notice. Last night’s shaker caused minimal damage, but many southland residents in February 1971 and January 1994 were not as fortunate. Scientists tell us another massive quake is imminent, so I implore all of you to be prepared. Here is how you can get started: