An Editorial Note About the ANS Circus

There appears to be misleading information floating through cyberspace with regard to Superior Judge David Wesley’s December 11th decision reported in ANS Circus: Driving in Tent Poles Once Again. To begin, a judge’s duties are not tied to the California Medical Board. He is entrusted to rule on the criminal matter at hand. His dismissal to rule on the possibility of having Eroshevich and Kapoor’s licenses’ suspended suggests neither innocence nor guilt. If they are found guilty, then the medical board can revoke their licenses. Information regarding the California Medical Board’s authority is located at
We will divulge information regarding the December 18th pre-trial motions once details become available.

4 thoughts on “An Editorial Note About the ANS Circus

  1. Whatever the nexus between the judge and the Medical Board, they should not be allowed to practice medicine in CA or anywhere!

  2. Or is Judge Wesley hearing the decision by the medical board, who is represented by the AG?
    If the AG is representing the medical board who is trying to revoke the licenses, then I think Judge Wesley should listen strongly to the AG, even if his brief did have typos, and consider revocation.
    The AG should work harder to represent the medical board and convince Judge Wesley that the public needs protection from these two doctors.

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