Today the dead body of 5 year old Shaniya Davis was found after a relentless, week long search by over 200 volunteers in Sanford, N.C..  Her own mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, has been arrested for selling her as a sex slave.  According to arrest documents she “knowingly provide[d] Shaniya Davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude.”  Fayetteville, N.C., police have yet to report if said charges will be amended to include murder, as they should.

Can you believe Antoinette Davis is sitting in a North Carolina prison – pregnant AGAIN.  She only recently took custody of Shaniya, according to the child’s father Bradley Lockhart, who said he raised her for the first four years of her life after a “one-night stand.”  Apparently Davis recently secured a job and residence, so Lockhart decided to give her a chance.  It was only about 5 weeks she took that “chance” and sold her own child.  Reports also reveal drug dealing out of Antoinette’s home.  I wonder how many times she has already done this…

Surveillance video also shows a man, Mario Andrette McNeill, carrying Shaniya through a hallway of the Comfort Suites in Sanford, N.C., just outside Raleigh.  McNeill, 29, has only been charged with kidnapping at this point.

The tone of Antoinette’s voice on the recorded 911 phone call is void of any meaningful motherly concern whatsoever.  I am stunned and disgusted at this horrific incident, yet children being sold for sex in this country is a dark ugly problem.  Several months ago, on July 22, 2009, billionaire financier and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, 56, was freed from jail, 6 months short of his 18-month DEAL of a sentence.  State law would have provided up to 10 years, which still isn’t punishment enough for this heinous and disgusting criminal.  He pled guilty to procuring underage prostitutes and struck a deal with federal prosecutors.  Deal?  Sounds more like an escape from justice.

Both the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office agreed to call off their year long investigation into allegations that Epstein brought little girls to his Palm Beach mansion for sex.  Interestingly, Epstein flew Bill Clinton to Africa on his private Boeing 727 in 2002.  Do you think it’s how much money you have to pay off witnesses, or, perhaps is it who you know that is more important?  What a sad state of affairs.  I pray that parents who pimp their own children are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and pedophiles like Epstein stop getting away with murder. Enough!


  1. There is not a word to describe the combined horror and disgust I feel after reading about these young children sold to and sold by evil/horrible people for sex. I hope that all parties involved get the maximum possible sentences.

  2. I agree with j-me – horror and disgust !!! The soul of this woman should be extirpated from the pool of human souls. She is pure evil. So are the pimp and the customer. I wish the mother’s past history could be investigated to see if she’s done this before.
    Ordinarily, I think children belong with their mother, but in this case ALL her remaining children should be taken totally away from her and all her parental rights terminated forever. To hell with her and the pimp and the customer. She should be damned.

  3. I agree with Doris and J-me…there is a lot of blame to pass around on this issue…human trafficking is an all too
    real issue…which affects children…
    teenagers and adults…This lovely child died needlessly and all responsible should be accountable to the fullest extent the law allows.

  4. I actually think the laws in this country are too lax with regards to crimes against children, whether it be physical and/or sexual abuse. Our children are the most pure and perfect parts of ourselves. I was raised to believe only the devil himself preyed upon the innocents. Then again, we are a country who is allowing a minority to remove God from our schools and judicial systems, leaving the door wide open for the devil to take control. God Bless the Innocent Children whose voices are often heard too late.

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