Birkhead Launches Auction For “Million Dollar Baby”

This week Larry Birkhead announced that he will auction off the possessions of the late star Anna Nicole Smith in an attempt to better provide for his daughter. Today Birkhead has been making the media rounds with Dannielynn in an attempt to publicize the auction and plead his case. This morning the duo appeared on the TODAY show and MSNBC. The auction’s announcement comes just days after the 9th Circuit rejected an appeal over Anna Nicole Smith’s estate. In March, the 9th Circuit ruled that Marshall provided for Smith during his life and Smith had no claims to her late husband’s estate, thus granting the contested fortune to J. Howard Marshall II’s heirs. After over 15 years of litigation, this case has done little more than rack up legal fees for Dannielynn. As the sole heir of her mother’s estate, further appeals merely make Dannielynn liable for a battle that should not even involve her. Dannielynn inherited her only connection to the Marshall family in a legal battle she never chose to fight. Birkhead insists he just wants a normal life for his little girl yet he continues to flaunt her to the press. The best thing for Dannielynn’s future Read More …

Elena Kagan: Will She Fill the Next Vacancy at 1 First Street?

Yesterday President Obama nominated Elena Kagan for a seat on our nation’s highest court to replace the outgoing John Paul Stevens.  Her impending confirmation is already met with the usual assortment of diatribes and denouncements from various members of the political community. An oft repeated critique stems from her lack of judicial experience, which was the case with previous justices, Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren.  Another critique is that her constitutional interpretations depart from the founding values of this nation.  Others argue her brief tenure as Solicitor General – often given the moniker of the “tenth justice” – provides insight into the court’s current ideological landscape. Coupling this recent experience, with her prior 5 year post as Dean of Harvard Law School, many feel she possesses the unique skill of bringing people together.   Lady Justice continues to research what Ms. Kagan’s core constitutional beliefs are, and will update you with any breaking developments in the confirmation process.