Breaking News: Court Rejects Anna Nicole Smith’s Appeal . . . Again

After a 15-year legal battle, this illustrious case has hopefully ended once and for all!  Yesterday the Ninth Circuit rejected an appeal by Anna Nicole Smith’s legal team.  The appeal filed by Smith’s lawyers came only a few weeks after the court ruled in favor of J. Howard Marshall II.  The 9th Circuit’s ruling supports the Texas probate court, stating that Anna Nicole Smith was provided for during her brief marriage to Marshall thus has no further claims to his estate. This case has traveled through the state and federal court system, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, and finally approaches closure.   The Ninth Circuit’s decision once again demonstrates why legal abuses will not be tolerated.  Smith was blessed with more than enough during her short-lived marriage with Marshall.  The time is way overdue for Smith’s players to forfeit the game.