Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Stern Files Motion for Leniency

Late yesterday,  Anna Nicole’s former lawyer-companion filed a request for dismissal of two convictions involving the use of fictitious names in procuring prescription drugs.  One of Stern’s criminal defense lawyers, J. Christopher Smith, suggests that this behavior is “common practice” in Hollywood.  According to the Associated Press, Stern’s attorney claims that Stern thought it was legal to prescribe medication using fake names.  Sounds like a defense that should have been presented during trial and not after the defendant is already found guilty.  Absent a dismissal from Judge Perry, Stern may try to get a new trial altogether.  Hopefully Judge Perry will respect the jury’s guilty findings.  Sentencing for both defendants is still set for January 6.  Stay tuned…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Next Thursday marks the arrival of Thanksgiving in the United States.  For some family and friends, it is the one opportunity during the year to break bread.  The historical significance of the holiday is often supplanted by usual rituals of ingestion (sometimes indigestion) and merriment. Thanksgiving’s roots during the early colonization of North America are religiously based, primarily modeled on the harvest festivals prevalent in Europe.  The traditions revolving around Thanksgiving’s early followers usually commemorate safe passage to Colonial America and Canada, or, sharing the harvest between native and settler.  It wasn’t until the outbreak of World War II when FDR signed a bill making Thanksgiving a national holiday.  Thank you, Mr. President!  Lady Justice would like to wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.