Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Stern Files Motion for Leniency

Late yesterday,  Anna Nicole’s former lawyer-companion filed a request for dismissal of two convictions involving the use of fictitious names in procuring prescription drugs.  One of Stern’s criminal defense lawyers, J. Christopher Smith, suggests that this behavior is “common practice” in Hollywood.  According to the Associated Press, Stern’s attorney claims that Stern thought it was legal to prescribe medication using fake names.  Sounds like a defense that should have been presented during trial and not after the defendant is already found guilty.  Absent a dismissal from Judge Perry, Stern may try to get a new trial altogether.  Hopefully Judge Perry will respect the jury’s guilty findings.  Sentencing for both defendants is still set for January 6.  Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Criminal Trial of Co-Defendants Stern, Kapoor & Eroshevich: Stern Files Motion for Leniency

  1. I wonder why he thinks his name is fake? Howard K Stern is a very real name that was used to get drugs for Anna that no one would prescribe in her name. Using his name is very different than using Jane Smith, Mary Brown, or Wilma Flintstone. That is where the criminality comes into play. They used a very real name (including one of an attorney who knew none of the parties) to keep Anna supplied and drugged.

  2. This whole scenario is ridiculous…Mr.
    Stern should accept the fact that he simply got “caught”…and saying that he didn’t know using fake names was illegal doesn’t even pass the smell test….Off with his head….

  3. Howard Stern is a “bum”….pure and simple and I think the judge and jury
    have figured this out rather quickly.
    It is a shame that his defense is so
    weak and arbitrary….because there really is no defense for his actions.
    His lawyers are over defending Stern
    in such a way as to be “grasping for straws”.

  4. MO they are over defending him because if the felony convictions hold up (and I hope to goodness they do), Florida is still looking into charging him in some capacity into the death of Anna. They harder Sadow fights, the more hope I have that Florida is lurking in the shadows.

    1. That would be a good thing, if Florida would charge Stern for his murder of Ana Nicole and her son Daniel. Maybe negligent homicide?

  5. What an insult to the jury if the judge reduces the charges or dismisses them. I have to question the remarks made by this judge, if the reports were accurate, he sure sounded like he was working for the defense.

    Since when is ignorance of the law a defense, and especially when the defendant was a lawyer and a member of the California bar one would think he would know what’s legal or not. I have a little sticker on my muscle relaxants which says this drug is to be used only by the person it was prescribed to, etc…

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