The ANS Circus: A Minor Misstep

The Big Top might be putting out a casting call for a new lion tamer. On December 18th, Judge David Wesley listened to a pre-trial motion from Deputy Attorney General E.A. Jones regarding the California Medical Board’s monitoring of Drs. Kapoor and Eroshevich, and how it is in the public’s best interest to suspend both licenses.  Judge Wesley denied the motion and further admonished Jones for delivering poor oral and written arguments (complete with typographical errors). Ouch. One would have thought Jones utilized the extra week to prepare a proofed, effective presentation.  Regardless, as stated in my last post, a criminal judge is not an extension of a state licensing board.
Lady Justice hopes this minor obstacle involving the Deputy AG (not the prosecutor) neither blinds nor biases Judge Wesley from having the trio’s (Stern, Eroshevich and Kapoor) nefarious activities reviewed in full, particularly in light of the serious criminal charges against each of them. In fact, it seems the interests of each defendant also conflict with one another, thus bifurcating the cases is the just thing to do.  The opening gavel sounds February 5th, and we will be there to bring you the latest.

6 thoughts on “The ANS Circus: A Minor Misstep

  1. It’s nice to know that someone competent will be there to report the FACTS. The main stream media and tabloids just can’t seem to get it right.

  2. I agree with all above posters- personally, I see no reason why the CA medical licensing board would need court approval for such action- they are clearly the ones with the experiance in this field and they will be held responsible for the subsequent misteps of these doctors.

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